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a little over 24 hours and the ravens will take the field in their biggest gain in 12 years. >> we have live coverage from new orleans. the ravens broadcasting is covering it from every angle. let's turn it over. we are hearing some big names from baltimore are in town. >> big names are in town. a big name is in the hall of fame. the ravens have their first victory of the weekend. jonathan ogden moments ago was elected into the nfl hall of fame. he becomes the first raven in the hall of fame. art modell did not make it into the top 10 finalists. j.o. will be inducted and become one of the all-time greats. he is now a member of the pro football hall of fame. >> i was walking along the river walk today. it was so crowded you could barely move. i saw some 49ers fans for the first time. there was a little bit of smack talk all in good fun. excitement goes beyond downtown. there was a warm welcome in a small town called gretna. >> it was settled by germans and named after a scottish city. it is a jumble of ethnic backgrounds. that is what you will see every sunday at the market. pephis day,
. >> is that down for a joint press conference to talk about the day. mindy basara and was of the ravens, gerry sandusky, are there. how did it go today? >> it went spectacularly well and it sets the tone for a unique super bowl. usually on super bowl friday, they have separate press conferences. for the first time ever brother match up, they sat down and talk to the media together. it really set the tone. when i know this is competitive, but it's a very collegial atmosphere. >> they are very different. that was quite evident today. >> brothers, yes. identical box not even close. watch the mannerism the before the historic press conference. john thomas smiling and relaxed. jim nervously chewing his nails. and then the fun began. >> in normal friday practice. we will move on from there. it's your turn. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. and i would work for him, sure. >> i concur. >> a philosophical commonalities? i would be hard pressed to spell philosophical right now. >> maybe even commonality. >> it proved of natural a the idea they both became coaches. one brot
disappointments the ravens are back fighting for super bowl xlvii. it has finally arrived. >> i can't believe it. welcome to the news. i am deborah weiner. >> i am lisa robinson. we begin with the fabulous pete gilbert live in the big easy. what is the atmosphere like finally on this super bowl morning? >> well, people are just starting to wake up because they were out all night. it was crazy here. every where you walk there was a huge crowd people so excited. i have to say the ravens fans out number them 8-1 i would say. >> i knew the ravens fans were going to represent well but what we have seen today is obvious. i have seen more ravens than san francisco 49ers jerseys. >> i think half of the city is here. as the week went on you amosaw e and more purnl. half of the town is here in new orleans. >> thank goodness we are finally here on a game day. there really is a game at the end of all of this. there was news yesterday not team related but as far as the nfl. there was mixed emotions. very good news for jonathan ogden not in the hall of fame model. he was the first ballot hall of famer. he rec
in a little hug. 1st quarter ravens 3rd and 4, joe flacco to anquan boldin, 13- yard strike, ravens on the board first. less than two minutes in the fist half ravens already have 14-3, flacco steps up, jacoby jones behind chris culliver and makes the grab and gets back up because he was untouched and finds his way into the end zone, ravens up 21-3. all right. nice halftime speech, everybody comes out fired up. maybe the ravens a little bit more. the kickoff to start the 2nd half, jacoby jones out of the end zone from 8 yards deep and he's going right up the middle to match the nfl record for the longest kickoff return, 108 yards, ravens cruising 28-6. could this be a super bowl blowout? ray lewis playing in his final game and he ex halts in jim harbaugh, can't believe it. then 8:37 happens and the lights go out. results in a 34 minutes delay of game. the momentum switched. crabtree bounces off a few guys in the end from 31 yards, deficit cut. 10 minutes left, 9ers down 31- 23, kaepernick dangerous with those wheels in from 15 oint. the two-point conversion fails but 49ers within tw
3 hello... im jeff barnd... & the ravens... made theer 2nd superbowl appearence... in off... against the san 3 score... is... / we... haae... eaa -3 coveeage tonight../. sports direcctr... pruce cunnnngham n new orleans.../ andd... will... join us ater...//.. -3 later..../... myy collegue... jennifer - live... outside he adsit... is... in studio.../ we... also ...have ou covered... 3coverrge....from oor... team of reporters.../melinda federal hill... outside &&pmother's.../kattleen cairns... in fells pint... but first.../ lets go ..morgan adsit... with the ravens.. in super--bool & 47.... 33 who would have known all it took for the 9ers to get in super boow 477..was a 35 minute power outage.that delayed commleeely changed the tone of super bowl 44.thee3rd quarterr uickly went from 28-6 28-20.and a turnover... resulted n more -3 points... aking ii aa28-23 ball gaaee-3& 3 right now it's 31-23 avens in on a 17-oh run ffer a 34
bone crushing hits -- jaw dropping throws. the super bowl showdown between the baltimore ravens and san francisco 49ers. what you need to know. >> good evening, everyone. this sunday, the ravens plan to raise the lombardi trophy. >> standing in their way, the san francisco 49ers. there'll be no brotherly love until the final whistle. friday night in the big easy the friday night before the super bowl, it must be crazy. >> it is off the hook crazy. we made a lot of new france. >> -- we made a lot of new friends. >> this town is turned inside out and upside down as they get ready for super bowl xlvii, a battle of the brothers. for the first time ever, two brothers will stand across the field, 53 yards apart, separated 15 months from birth. they both spoke today at a joint press conference. >> brothers, yes. identical, not even close. watch their mannerisms. john is smiling, relaxed. jim is chewing nails. >> it will be a normal friday practice. >> i concur. >> would you hire your brother? >> yes, definitely. i would work for him come ashore. >> i concur. >> philosophical commonalit
. what a game. i am going on about two hours of sleep but who cares. the ravens are superbowl champions. very proud of them. if you heading to work, unfortunately, having to do so, the jfx is nice and clear manyno delays from downtown to east fayette street. up to speed through the port mchenry and harbor tunnel. traffic is moving right along. you are looking at a normal drive time of 11 minutes to travel outer loop from 795 to 95. and that's in hunt valley 83 moving along no problems traveling from shawan road to the beltway and it will remain nice and clear once you get on the jfx and head into the city. let's look at the abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> 4:32 is the news time. >> and the ravens have won it. >> we are the world champions and it's the moment rains fans have been waiting for for 12 years. the trophy coming back to baltimore. it was a superbowl filled with a light e-- lot of emotion and fans players and copes will not forget. charley is live with how they got the went. >> says it all. today superbowl champs. superbowl xlv. i a class being and ravens
to baltimore. >> we are waking up this morning very happy in charm citych the ravens -- citych the ravens are bringing -- city. the ravens are bringing home the lombardi trophy. thanks for being with us. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's a tough monday because most of you are probably tired of watching the game and a little stressed. lenda so said she watched underneath a blanket and lynette it was not because she was cold. >> i was fine during the first and second and oh, yeah and then the third that was so bad. but we won so that's all that matters. so didn't matter that we had snow yesterday. that's gone but we will see more snow going later into afternoon and evening. looking at maryland's most powerful radar and we scan the skies and not a whole not see but there's lot to feel because ellicott city the temperature is at 21 right now. we have the winds out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. we have a wind chill. we are feeling like we are in the teens this morning. pylesville's temperature is at 20 with wind out of the northwest at 7 miles an hour. 25 in baltimore wi
" he ravens... are superbbwl champions.the three & big plays that gave them a - leaa so big.. the 49err pouldn't come back from it. 3 22::7:59 - febb3 felllpoiit raww- (fans screaming) screeming)baltimore celebrates... its ravens. but... where the celebrrtionss got too rowdy. 3 power goes oot natsannouncer pauses pausesand... he lights go out pi ew orleaas.the two causss that ave already been ruled out.. for the power outage seen around the world. 3 3 monday, february 3 4thh 3- 3 , 3 3 ,3- 3 3 3 for tte sscond time in -3 franchise istory... the baltimore ravens are world champions. -3&pccampions."ed inn... o the 40... he ravens have won it... 34-311" & 34-31." 3 after a domiiant 3 first half... a 35 minuteegame delay due to a power outage... anddan attempted ccmeback by the sannfrancisso 49ers... thh pavens heed on o win their second super bowl title n 12 years. 3 mucc of the credit foo the win goes to game m-v-p joe lacco. flaccc.the quarterback ttreww threeetouchdown passes in the first half of the game... sending the rrvens into the 3
. they loved themselves some ravens. this is one of the hat is crowds you ever see today. everybody looking right now at ray lewis. he is pounding his heart. that is a familiar thing that everybody has come to see. and then pointing back at the crowd. and the crowd is eating it up. they absolutely love it. terrail su -- tyrrell suggs is also by his humvee. reporters are asking questions. somebody has manhandled the lombardi trophy. ed reed has said. >> patdown to ed reed with the super bowl trophy in front of us. he is writing one of those military humvees. they pop up in areas where everybody can see them. >> i think that is the gun turret. >> that's right. >> accept that they are the guns today. i love that they have their families with them, their children with them. can you imagine what his little boy makes of this? look at all of these people, daddy. >> louisiana native, two touchdowns in the super bowl. he is back, and baltimore! [laughter] >> the confetti done just went off -- the confetti gun just went off. [laughter] wow, what they seem. what a scene today for the baltimore ravens.
. the former haven leblthed into the hall of fame. >> the ravens will battle the 49ers. our team coverage begins right here right now on 11 news sunday morning. >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning on super bowl sunday. i am lisa robinson. >> we begin with a look outside with meteorologist ava marie. >> we had a little bit of snow last night. you guys woke up to that. the side roads are a little slippery right now. most of the ramain roads they de care of. if you are heading out early for last minute stuff for super bowl be careful on untreated roads. we will be talking about another chance for snow as we go into tonight. temperatures right now in the 20s including 21 degrees at the airport 24 in columbia and 27 in kate tonsville. 30 degrees the downtown temperature. we are below the freezing mark. but with the salt on the roads most are wet at this point. little bit of ice to start off the day and light snow returning lart this afternoon and especially in the evening hours. temperatures this afternoon in the mid 30s with mostly cloudy skies. we will talk about the potential for snow comi
a lot, wyatt. >> ravens nation is still celebrating the team's super bowl victory against the 49ers. we'll be welcoming the team home tomorrow with a parade at city all. cheryl, what do you have for us? >> reporter: the city is planning to host thousands of people here tomorrow morning, but tonight we are hearing those microphones get a test and the purple light and the fences are up lining the parade route which will start mat city hall. it will go down commerce street and continue to howard and pratt. at 10:45, you'll see players, including ray lewis and coach john harbaugh as they get a big baltimore welcome home. their destin disaition is m&t bank stadium, the office of promotion. a bold win can bring a big above the to baltimore. we talked to tracy baskerville and so many saw baltimore and the spotlight. she's hoping that they will not only visit tomorrow but for months to come. if you end up at the stadium, the parking lot will open at 9:00 in the morning. the stadium will open at 10. all the events are free as we welcome home the baltimore ravens and say congratulations on a balt
. >> it phrase often used to talk about the ravens. >> rain and snow. see how cold it will be. >> the ravens became superbowl champions. >> you often hear triumph over adversity. some perspective of the emotional roller coasters that the team went through this past season. >> sean smith captors the sights and sounds. >> 33 seconds ago. the clock is running. 31 seconds left in the championship. flacco from the gun. caught. touchdown. no. they ruled he didn't want the ball. >> the season on the -- no good! he hooks it to the left. >> every time you go through something like this 0-- no one player did not win or lose the game. you ever drop your head. we win as a team, we lose as a team. it happens. move on. >> the ravens advance pay tribute to art modell. >> first and goal. given to ray rice. r touchdown -- touchdown, ravens. >> flacco drops. it is caught. torrey smith. >> end zone. caught. touchdown. the magic is still in the house. >> kick on the way. it is good. the ravens have beaten the patriots. >> kick on the way. no good. wide to the left. >> it is up. it is good. he has won it for the
champions. >> tears of joy continue go lower. the ravens get it done. they are super bowl xl seven champs. >> excitement downtown after the ravens win. i will have more on that ahead. >> will there be snow to greet the ratings --ravens? >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00. >> thank you for joining us. >> what a great week it is. we will be talking about the super bowl. we will take a look at weather and traffic. >> tonight, they fly back and. there is a chance for a little snow. another clipper storm. this is not a big deal. let us start with this morning. see what is going on. nothing. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low to mid 20's. at the airport, 20 four degrees. we should make it into the mid- 30's this afternoon with a mixture of sun and clouds. tonight, a chance for some light snow. we will check the seven-day in a few minutes. >> good morning. not a lot of volume out there for this time of the morning. most people are still at home sleeping after the celebration. a disabled vehicle off to the right shoulder. he stopped
. that is the latest. >> the ravens are super bowl champions once again. it was a tense finish but the ravens came up on top. >> joe flacco and the ravens wanted to send ray lewis into retirement as champions and look like champion's right out the gate. joe flacco, third touchdown of the game to jacoby jones. catching a pass falling down. the start of the second half -- have to get the end zone dance in. start of the second half, jacoby jones returned 108 yard kickoff for a touchdown. and then a 34-minute power outage. san francisco, when the lights came back on, scored a few touchdowns but on the final drive the ravens -- just long enough. the ravens win their second championship in franchise history. the final score -- yep, had a chance but out of reach. the ravens when the ball game by 34-31. the second championship in franchise history and john harbaugh comes out on top in the super bowl. >> john, and all of our fans back in baltimore, we are bringing another one home. >> it is never pretty, it is never perfect, but it is us, and that is us today, the way we do it. >> nobody wins -- as a champ to
. >> what about now? >> more us it is naps. >> the ravens fans are ready for the games but there is a purple haze. everyone is decked out celebrating the ravens. and we have the latest on all the fans there. and there is so much happening in the area. what is going on? >> there is so much going on. you know i'm right in there with my flag waving. and we're here in downtown baltimore. the dome is lit up purple. the buildings are lit up, and fans are excited about the game. and the airport was decked out in everything from purple flowers behind the counters. the walkways and the number 52 everywhere. going to the game is a must. and it was tough for some people to get there but for the fans traveling the super bowl, it is about love and supporting those ravens. one daughter got her father on a special flight to the super bowl going to the super bowl has been his biggest dream. and steve powell's daughter made it possible. >> i never missed one on tv. i have never been to one in person. we'll start the party tonight. >> reporter: and the fans are pumped up and ready for the game. yesterday balt
. >> the ravens are world champions. >> perhaps he put it perfectly by saying that the super bowl went from a blowout to a blackout. the ravens had just enough shoes to be the 49ers and give ray lewis a second ring to end his nfl career. >> the ravens look ok right now, although that might change this morning -- good morning, it is monday, february 4. >> quite a weekend. a lot to talk about. especially weatherwise. let's get to meteorologists about what we sow. >> just a trace of snow. it seems like more because we had those flurries pretty much nonstop throughout the day. temperature wise, you are waking up to middle to upper 20s. $26 -- 26 at dulles. you can see the snow shower from chicago over to indiana. that will had our way late tonight. it could clip the tail end of rush hour. the biggest window for this would probably be between 8:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. just another dusting. today partly cloudy 34 degrees at noon. partly cloudy with 36 degrees at 5:00 p.m. bigger changes in our weather pattern, we will warm things up a little bit in our seven day forecast. we will tell you about tha
return for a touchdown. ravens 28-6. then the power goes out at the superdome. the game delayed for 35 minutes. the players stretching to stay loose. colin kaepernick has to throw around in the dark. and when play resumes, the niners looked like a new team. fourth quarter, they're down just eight. kaepernick gets the outside and runs 15 yards for the score. two-point conversion no good. once down 22 points, san fran within two. less than two minutes to play, niners down 34-29 with fourth and goal. kaepernick looking for crabtree but incomplete. the ravens' d. holds on and baltimore wins 34-31. ravens are your super bowl xlvii champs and ray lewis wins a second super bowl. we now go live to see and hear joe flacco at the podium. [ inaudible question ] >> you've seen those guys do it. they have the ability to score and score quickly. and that's kind of what they did there. you know, we got it 28-6 and they were able to go the length of the field and put a good drive together. then we kind of, you know, we didn't get anywhere and punted away and next thing you know we turn the ball over.
now, abc2 news at 11:00 >>> the ravens are the world champions. the 49ers made it close but there was no denying baltimore. they win 24-3 -- 34-31. joce sterman is in belair and brian kooub letter is out too. >> it has been an exciting and stressful night for ravens fans. first, it's snowing outside, it hash for a while. we want to help you get red sdi for monday molecular orbital -- ready for monday morning. mike whatshould we expect tomorrow. >> let's get everybody home from the parties right now. wedo have flurry action south of town right now. it's slight but enough to coat the ground a little bit. it's up into cecil county along 95 dealing with moderate bands of snow showers so a light coating during the course of the overnight t. clouds will be where with us through the course of tonight. 35 in baltimore city right now, 32 at the airport. we'll allfall back into the 20s during overnight and 29 by lunchtime and more snow in the forecast. . >> thanks mike. we have ravens fans all over the wear and we're going to get to everyone but first to federal hill where fans
inundated with ravens' fans. >> for those of us watching in baltimore, it seems like the big easy is covered in purple pride. our 11 news reporter knows for sure. he is at the mercedes-benz superdome tonight. >> we were out and about earlier and it seems the fans outnumber the san francisco fans five to one, the i'm sure they would say the same thing if you ask them the other way around. we got here sunday of last week and now we watched the momentum built every day until today. it is hard to believe we are less than 24 hours until the super bowl. we wanted to get a taste as to what things are like on this super bowl eve, so we went to the french quarter and saw some familiar faces down there. super bowl knocks eve in the french quarter and ravens' fever is in the air. pat o'brien's on the river. special party for ravens' fans only. >> the ravens are one of the biggest assets. for them to be on the national stage, we have to be here to support them. >> almost 200 rsvp'd, everyone from diehard ravens and -- >> it is incredible. everyone here is the ravens' fan. everyone is. people are excited
celebrating the huge win. ravens win but we have to move forward into monday so we have to see how the weather will be. >> a lot of people do have to a go to work. what's the weather going to be like? >> dry this morning and cold and going into the evening, that's when we will have the chance for more snow showers to move in. talking about a dusting to an inch of snow courtesy of another clipper. we have what progressive pattern coming in. maryland's most powerful radaris dry. not seeing anything but we are feeling the cold temperatures this morning as we see 22 degrees and feel 22 in perry hall as well as bel air. it's 23 in stephensville but let me remind -- stevensville but let me remind outwinds out of the west making 22s and 23s feel like we are in the teens. bundle up and dress in layers as you head out the door. as we look at abc to's -- abc2's most accurate planner, temperatures at 30 degrees and we will stay at freezing or below freezing going through the rest of the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: i can't stop smiling. i am so excited.
but who cares. ravens won the superbowl. how awesome is that. if you are heading to work, 95 is clear. there's nothing to get in your way from elk ridge to down down baltimore. altogether -- downtown baltimore. altogether 14 minutes. and as we look live at 83, up in hunt valley, notice traffic is moving along. this will be the same scenario as we get on the jfx and head into the city. 11 minutes southbound from the beltway all the way down to east fayette treat. looking at the other abc2 timesaver traffic reports, beltway in great ship. it's going to take 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and west side will remain nice and clear just 11 minutes to travel outer loop from 795 down to 95 and the inner loop will remain clear up through 83. that's a look at your morning commute. charley over to you. >>> and the ravens have won it. >> just like that the ravens are world champions and it's moment the fans have been waiting for. lombardi is coming back to charm city but the ride to get here wasn't easy. and it's a season you will not forget any time soon. raven
what is our name? >> ravens! >>charm city's colossal celebration. 200,000 fans came out to party with their super bowl champions. what a day it was. good evening. >> members of ravens in a simple out of a stop to celebrate their team that started with a parade through downtown baltimore. >> thousands of fans marched with the team to m&t bank stadium. that is where our coverage begins tonight. >> in the world of sports, a city never knows it daylight today will never come again. today the ravens of baltimore took full of advantage and put on a show. >> an epic day in downtown baltimore began after 11:00 a.m. at city hall. in a series of military trucks, the ravens -- ecstatic fans who packed the sidewalks -- the ravens greeted ecstatic fans who packed the sidewalks. >> best team in the country! >> fans saw coach john, ray ray and the big ray whose appearance caused quite a sight. a chain reaction of fans jumped the barricade and followed his vehicle down the parade route, like the king of baltimore. out of vehicles and into the state , a the staten estimated 100,00 fans -- 1000, 0
:30, wipe the sleep from your eyes and go ahead and pinch yourself it's okay. ravens are still superbowl champions and it was not a dream. but it was a dream season and a bit of roller coaster ride from the jump but in the end, it's something we are never going to forget. the ravens particularly the game itself scored in the first drive. it's joe flacco to boldin. mr. reliable throughout the playoffs. he has been stellar but then the 49ers michael james tossing it up and that leads to another touchdown flacco this time to pitta. 14-3 now. and then jones show me what i've got. 56 yards on the back. get up no one touched you. finding pay dirt and it's 21 to 3 and you're starting to think it and jacoby jones drives it home. 108 yards ants opening kick off of the second half -- and the opening kick off of the second half. then the lights go out. kaepernick and harbaugh regroup. crabtree and two defenders and it comes down to crabtree again and to no avail. the ravens pull off the big win 34-31 superbowl xlvii ray lewis said this is the last ride and talks about what it means to him and his c
? these are ravens fans and they're going to get a free hamburger and they are in line to get that hamburger today. it will not be hungry for long. >> i was afraid my blood pressure was going to lose it. but we did not. >> everybody describes last night's game as a storybook ending to a great season. >> it had minner is at the end. it was a good game. it was nail biting, nerve racking but it was awesome. , ravens. it was cool. intense. retiring.lewis what a game that was. it was a nail biter. >> that is a ravens game. that is the way they all are. >> my poor dog that i lost my mind. quex my grandson called and said i am -- and by watching the game? i said i am watching the game and sweating at the same time. quex he decided to give ravens fans a special treat. >> how many do you think you'll get away today? >> last week we get about 2000. today we ordered 4000 bread and i ordered close to 1,000 pounds of meat. >> by noon the place was packed as folks came in to their free burger. >> everyone is happy the ribbons are super bowl champions. >> we actually won the championship. it is so exciting. >> a
are he? >> we are getting ready for the ravens, being down in the super bowl. everybody can't wait. char charley crowson is live at the oyster house for a ravens pep rally. you got them fired up, charlie. >> we got them going. you would think our special has started here at abc 2. they got the party going here. come down and say hi. guys, go ravens. check out who joined us, play makers from the ravens. five of the young ladies here tonight. how is it going? becky is here with us. the captain of the team. you have been going all around the city. how is it doing? >> it's going wonderful. we are excited to be here in baltimore. super bowl. >> you guys would like to be in new orleans. how is the spirit been? >> it's been awesome. very awesome. we are so excited. everybody is wearing purple. glad to be here supporting the team. >> becky, i need some information for you. what do you see coming out sunday night? >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: super bowl xlvii. >> who is the winner? >> baltimore. >> live throughout the night for you at abc2 news, our special at 7:00 tonight. i'm going head to play m
by katrina. the city of baltimore has a lot of volunteers there and today, they are holding a raven's rally. this is a t-shirt that made its way to was last night. this is brigance brigade teacher in honor of the oj - als foundation that he is working with to help families going through this tough situation. these are brand new super bowl shirts. they are going to be available at 17 locations and different stores in the area. you want to make sure you get quality stuff and illegal merchandise. lowel melzer estimated that situation. >> it takes a lot to accommodate your guest of what happens when you have posted 200,000 at the same time? that is what they are expected in new orleans this weekend for the super bowl. it takes approximately 36,000 man hours and over 25 days and nearly 150 people to put up all those super bowl decorations around the city and it will take about 300 people to tear them down. this beautiful super bowl 47 display in the park required nine semi trucks to get here and weighs almost 220,000 pounds. as far as getting around, more than 5000 buses, limos, and cars will b
ravens have won their second super bowl championship. this is the happiest moments in 12 years, the last time they took home the lombardi trophy. the ravens airplane landed at bwi marshall airport just a short time ago. horace holmes is live in baltimore with all the excitement. >> baltimore is erupting again. it is because their heroes are back home. they just got back from new orleans about 45 minutes ago. the ravens t the fans were out there to greet them. the arrival was low-key. the big celebration including the parade will be tomorrow. around town today, everyone is smiling, talking about the game. they're just as proud as they can be of their super bowl champions. >> we are the chance by god's grace and mercy. we did not break. >> they are happy, overjoyed, ecstatic about the big winner last night. that would be understating the obvious. as soon as the seconds clicked off on the clock the celebration began in ravens nation. there were pouring out of the bars restaurants, and hauled out onto the street. >> i did not get any sleep. i was up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. >> the
, the streets were ffll of happy fans.. aad a little chaos.. following the baltimore ravens victory in peeks ago. nnonotable -3 diiturbances that night.. and pplice say thhy willlbe prepared forrfanssto celebrate on super bowllnightt.but will be on alert for anyyne wwo crosses the line ann puts people at rrsk of etttng hurt. 3 (deputy comm. skinner) "so, & pouull see the mounted patrol -3 out there, you'll see a llt of officers being very, veey visible.. a lot of our special - equipment will bb out in those zones. but across the city we'll have a signiffcant number of police working. so, just kkid of coming and going through the city and travelling through the main thoroughffres. you'rr just concentrated.. enough cops." 3 police say officers will also be at headquurters monitorrng feees from stationaay and helicopter cameras. they say they'll also be out with other laa enforcement agencces looking for drunk drivvrs. live in fedeeal hill, keith aniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. 3 many ravens playerr and coaches are in the spotlightt this week at t
is even necessary. live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> ravens fans braving the snow and cold support the team in an early-morning rally. it got a lot of a national attention. >> on this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show when it comes to their team, they are true blue. >> called but fun. >> hundreds backing the amphitheater for the wbal today show rally starting with a broadcast at 5:00 and continue continuing through "today." all morning, ava marie showed natalie how to do ray lewis's dance. >> i think i got it down. it's pretty basic. it's all about the emotion. >> this was part of a bet with "today" whether man, al broker. if they win a comment he will be dressing up as the raven. if the 49 ers win, morales will dress up as a miner. >> they started setting up and we were showing up by 4:30 ready to show that the ravens spirit as well and alive. >> it is impressive. i did not think people would show up because of this note. >> it takes more than snow to keep these fans a home. even mayor stephanie rawlings blake helped kick of the largest purpl
of the bags hitting the carousel, the sleep deprived ravens got an early flight home. >> i got an early flight. i thought i was making out well. now i feel groggy. >> reporter: millions watched them on tv but they got a glimpse of it on the streets of new orleans. >> it was an amazing experience, walking up bourbon street with thousands of clanting ravens -- chanting ravens fans. the town painted itself purple for us. >> reporter: but they said while the players battled on the field, they faced a different kind of competition in the stapsd -- stands, simply because they were ravens fans. >> we were surprised to see 49ers fans there. prior to there were only ravens fans. >> that's the difference between watching it at the super bowl and actually on our couch. >> reporter: the spirited banter only grew loud are. did you get nervous about the team when the 49ers started coming back? >> i did. my dlad is a die-hard steelers fans. he hates the ravens so we had to go for the 49ers. >> reporter: you were going for the 49ers? >> i was going for the ravens. >> one person was disappointed that the only
now it is the biggest purple friday of all. ravens rallies are planned throughout the area today. there is a major rally at the inner harbor. sarah sampson will have a live report. >> we thought we would switch uniform and i would come dressed as jim and jim would come dressed as me. >> later today, the harbaugh brothers will hold the first- ever joint head coach press conference. >> we know we have to go out and do our job. i think we have some humble guys on our side of the ball. we have to go out there and do our job. >> joe flacco knows how to win a football game. it is all about getting a r ing. good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> 5:01. john has some snow in the forecast. >> wednesday was like summer. we are back to when the time. a lot of their readings are freezing point.ings ar we have a few flurries. we expect some light snow shower activity this morning. then the wind picks up and the sun comes back. now we want to check on the traffic. >> we have some areas of flooding left over for that rain, especially to the south. anne arundel county, there
. >> it is all quiet now, but it wasn't that way earlier today. this place was packed with raven's fans. hours before the parade, fans are getting their spot on the street. sunday's super bowl win was a dream come true. >> we were here about three hours before the parade. we are excited. >> i've never been to a super bowl or super bowl parade. this is a once in a lifetime experience we can enjoy together. ♪ >> the closer it got to the start of the parade, more fans showed up. soon, the sidewalk was packed from city hall to m&t bank stadium. >> i'm so excited. just really happy. >> we just won the super bowl, baby. best team in the country, world, that's it. ♪ >> it was almost an hour late, but finally the fans got to see what they came for, their world champion baltimore ravens. [cheering] >> there is, the lombardi trophy. there we go. you can see it. there is. there is re louis right there. >> this is a day no one will ever forget. >> i'm so excited all of their dreams came true. >> as the parade moved up the street, the fans spilled out into the street, following the team toward m&t bank
's at >>> this morning the baltimore ravens are the super bowl champions after defeating the san francisco 49ers 34-31 in a game that went down to the wire but not without a hitch. nbc's jay gray reports on all the festivities from the big easy. >> reporter: after a week of preparations and parties -- ♪ [ cheers ] >> reporter: the action moved inside. ♪ >> reporter: a poignant start. ♪ spacious skies >> reporter: students from sandy hook elementary singing "america the beautiful," and then -- ♪ o say >> reporter: a powerful denition of the national anthem -- rendition of the national anthem by alicia keys followed by the game. baltimore took a commanding lead early, and at halftime -- ♪ >> reporter: beyonce commanded the stage. ♪ all the single ladies >> reporter: joined in a surprise reunion by destiny's child. the second half began with an electric connekickoff return by jacoby jones. then the electricity went out. a loss of power left half the stadium in the dark and caused a 34-minute delay in the game. >> let's go. >> reporter: when the game ended, it was the nin
the raven's nation a very tired nation today. the super bowl. >> the baltimore ravens returned home from your list tonight. >> talk about hired fans. the players themselves were pretty tired, as well. they did not get as much sleep tonight. today, for many reasons, was a happy homecoming. >> after 5:00, the ravens touchdown as world champions. a police escort led 6 buses for wrote -- full of players, cultures, and -- coaches, and personnel. >> everybody got a pitcher with trophies. we got the trophy out -- got a picture with the trophy. we got the trophy out. let them all get a picture with it. it is a glorious day. >> most of the players slept on the train ride home. it did not get much sleep last night. as they went to grab personal belongings and head home for the offseason -- >> we are the champions. i love you all. see you soon. >> they are glad to be in baltimore. >> to not get me wrong. we took over the super dome and orleans. it was like a little baltimore down there. >> while it was great to talk to the champions, the start of the night was lombardi, as in, the trophy. a team of
the ravens victory celebration downtown this week. this morning there are photograph that is -- photographs that should help in that search. here's mike hellgren with the latest from homicide detectives. >> police released images showing the brutal attack on 15-year-old deante smith. they believe they show the teen responsible for stabbing him to death. smith was among the more than 200,000 ravens fans who gathered downtown to celebrate the team on tuesday. wjz was there as family members came to the teenager's home in east baltimore to comfort his mother. some wore memorial t-shirts. the victim's uncle remembering him as a wonderful young man. >> i don't want to say anything to jeopardize an ongoing invest. it's a sensitive time for my family and for the baltimore police department. >> police now tell wjz it started as a fight and everyone involved was a teenager. >> we believe the suspect and victim had some type of prior disturbance dispute, we just dent know what it was about or what it entailed. >> a young person has lost their life. that is tragic. that was an unfortunate unfortunate
the ravens victory on the streets of baltimore. the trophy is back in charm city, parading through the streets on this tuesday, february 5th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning. we are headed down to the parade. so is lynette charles. this is a day where you say bundle up and enjoy it. >> have a fabulous time. i'm so excited. i have been waiting for this. we have been talking about the super bowl forever. we are cold. we could be colder. we are above average, look at ellicott, 31 degrees now. pilesville 28. in baltimore that temperature at 32, we are freezing there. as we check out on the most powerful radar. we see a few snow showers coming around frederick, along i-70 this morning, you might see light flurries coming down around yellow springs, bartlett, heather view, a slick travel there, all in all, we are dry everywhere else as we look at what is going on with the planner for today. the temperatures will bump up, we will be seasonable as we go throughout the day as we go in to lunchtime, coming in
3 in just 24 hours the ravens could be ssper bowl champions. the key matchups they'll have &pto win to make that dream a ------------------------plus, call him reverend ray. ray. 3 3in tonight's over story e'll show you number 52's road to redemption. &p------------------------ and the firsttravennis a hall of faaee tonight.jonathan oggen honorrd on the eve of the super bowl.------------------------ -3 ------------------------ -3 3 ------------------------ 3 hello, i'm jeff abelll kickoff is less han 24 hourss away.... and the ravens arr 3 p we have fox45 team coverage & in baltimore and new orleann tonight. bruce and jenniffr are ive rom nee orleans. & we start first with sports --3 director bruce cunninghhm ii new orleans on an hhstoric night for the ravenn, bruce? 3 - 3 3 3 3 3 aa apology tonight from a man who says he never say rra & lewis take any bannnd substances.. substances.. company owner, mitch ross, spologizeddto ray duuing an impromptu ppess conference in new orleans today.... he claims that he was ticked b
. the band of brothers will be the brothers on the side lines ravens side lines and 49ers side line. >> jack harbaugh has molded his boys into world class coaches. don't forget about mom jackie and her role in shaping the two boys. >> can you site one or two things you learned from your mothers that you applied in your coaching careers? (laughter) >> she basically made it very clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. >> pete gilbert wbal, tv 11 news. >> i like that. >> he is not heavy. >> he is my brother. >> the purple friday. the inner harbor was the site of a huge super bowl rally. >> fans sent the ravens off with spiel it was a purple friday with a national audience. >> on this super purple friday ravens fans came out early to show when it comes to the fans they are truly blue. >> they packed the amphitheater for a ravens rally. started wit our broadcast at 5:00 a.m. and continued through "the today show". >> what do you think so far? >> this is crazy. >> ava marie showed the today's show natalie morales how to be a ravens fan like how to do ray lewis' squirrel dance.
. [captioning made possible byconstellation energy group]>> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. ravens fans brave the cold to support the team in a rally that earned some national attention. >> in this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show they are true blue. , -- rex cold, but really fun -- >>, cold, but really fun. ask the ravens rally started at 5:00 a.m. and continued through the mesh "the today show --"the today show." ava marie showed natalie morales what it takes to be a ravens fan. she is part of a super bowl that with al rocher. if the ravens win, i'll will dress up as the ravens mascot. >> morales agreed to dress up as a minor if the ravens -- if the niners win. fans were showing the entire country that ravens spirit is alive and well. rex it is impressive, especially with the snow. >> it takes more to keep ravens fans homes -- home. >> it is great third -- great. >> the fans are super fans. they are not just ordinary fans. >> super fans, ready for a championship. >> that was so fun to watch. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake made her wager with the m
, and the emotions on the sidelines with ray lewis -- the ravens stayed focused and won the world championship. we were just marvel by it. one of the best super bowls of all time. >> when you get to washington, will you let your colleagues know we are the world champions? >> absolutely. we are looking forward to senators feinstein and boxer lifting us up on their shoulders. >> and does know, we would like to see that as well. thank you for joining us. -- let us know, thank you for joining us. >> that game was insane. >> my photographer and i just left the superdome, talking to some ravens fans making their way out of the studio -- stadium. it was a sea of red leaving the superdome, these forty-niner fans thought that they had it in the bag with that power outage changing the momentum of the game and there was evidence of that with the ravens having a hard time scoring. but right after beyonce performed, we decided we would make our way down to the media center from the first concourse. as we made our way down we heard a large boom and the power went out on the stadium. you guys saw it on televisio
lane. if you are heading downtown, leave yourself plenty of time. we have the ravens victory parade that will shutdown roads surrounding city hall and m and t bank stadium. park at the stadium for free. the lots will open at 9:00. live look at 95, 395, traffic moving along. no delays. the harbor tunnel will be in great shape. 695, parkville, har fords, drive time of 11 minutes on the outer loop 895 all the way up to 83. inner loop clear from 83 to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. home in time to celebrate his birthday. a boy was held hostage for 6 days and safe. authorities stormed the under grounds bunker in alabama where a gunman was holding e than captive. the boy was taken to the hospital for treatment and said to be physically unharmed. >> he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal fife to six year old young man to do. >> they decided to move in on dikes yesterday afternoon after they became convinced he was in danger. dikes took the child off of a school bus after shooting and killing the driver last tuesday. >> 3 hours, ju
john and jim harbaugh are giving so mch credit tt their mother. mmther.the ravens seeret weapon. weapon.[12](wider shot) "the journeyysince my diagnoses hhs bben challenging.. tte personal an amazing inspiratioo. the high winds will die down but the cold weatter wwll bb hangng around.whee ssow could arrive this weeeend and how skywatcc forecaat. 3and a messege from johh leopo. leooold."he will goodoon in shae county executive said inn his letter of resignation. hello, i'm jeff 3barnd. barnd. and iim karee parks. we're less than 48 hours from kickoff betwwen tte pavens and the forty niners. niners. and the eecitement gilbert and bruce cunninghhm are liveetonight in ew ooleans, taking you inside the let's go first to sports director bruce cunningham who was at the cooches press p3 3 3 thanks bruce, jennifer gilbert is also anchoring our coverage offthe ssperbowl ffom nee rleans. things on this friday beffre - the super bowl? rollcce pkg=second suppr bowl . 3 3 3 &p3 baatimore police aae bracinn for super owl fans. they say trouble.. bbt if people et o
. >> even the president was congratulating the ravens on this super bowl win. >> this is the best day for baltimore. we have all our city and armored trucks. we're good to go. it is a great day to be a raven. >> ray rice towering over deborah weiner. that was after the parade. >> good morning. >> there was a big truck coming down. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. >> 5:01. >> welcome back. >> the whole crew did a great job. >> lots of fun. >> not a lot to talk about. there is a little cloud cover. we will make it up to about 43 this afternoon. early this morning, may be some sprinkles or flurries. first crusade good morning to sarah -- first we say good morning to sarah. >> good morning. so far so good on the west side. 62 on 70 heading eastbound towards the beltway. so far so good on the harrisburg expressway down from mount carmel. we continue to run smoothly and those speeds continue down to the beltway. 55 on 95 down to the fort mchenry. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. [cheers] [band plays] >> what a way to celebrate in super bowl win. hundreds of thousands of ravens fan
pride on. >> the hair is quite catching. >> when i wear purple, bad things happen to the ravens. i want them to win. >> it's not just any purple friday, no, we are two days away from the super bowl. the ravens have been at work in the big easy all week, endless interviews to practices later than usual in the day to get ready for the late start on sunday night. we are getting a early start celebrating on what we know will be a big win sunday. kelly is live. [technical difficulties] if you are going talk about southern louisiana, talk about the hurricane. we have your beers and spit. rich you guys are ready to make the hurricane should the customer want it. first start off with ice. we got our rum. got to have the rum. >> ba cardy. >> yes, orange juice, pineapple and a little bit of grenadine. >> that gives -- red flavor. it ties together. top it off with an orange. you got rich here rs he will make you your hurricanes, guys. >> what is you name, sir? >> nick. that is yours. we will be life throughout the night, getting ready at come by and say hi, join us, as always, super
for the ravens parade. commerce street will be closed and will go to pratt street to howard and onto m&t bank stadium. throughout the morning rush, those roads should be open. there is parking restrictions along that route. six minutes on 95 southbound between the beltway and 100 in howard county. 7 at 29 and shows light volume -- 70 at 29. not many people out there at this early hour. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. got a picturedy with the trophy. a wonderful experience. >> a charming return to charm city. the first few hours with the lombardi trophy. that trophy will get a super sized bass court today. >> the streets will be jammed packed. sarah sampson is live at m&t bank stadium. >> we know the parade will start at 10:45 this morning. people are probably want to give themselves extra time. the parade begins at city hall and ends at m&t bank stadium. it will go south on commerce street. parking is free for fans at the stadium. city workers spent the day setting up scaffolding yesterday. >> i am very excited. when you're watching and night and anticipate the ravens win and all the
institute >> the ravens have won it. >> a night of ups and downs and a power outage that lasted more than a half hour. the ravens are super bowl champions. how are the fans reacted to the great news tonight? >> we sent tom roussey up to baltimore. you have been around fans all night. they are extremely happy right now. [cheers] [indiscernible] >> tom is in baltimore. >> i cannot hear a thing you are saying. i will get out of the way. it is absolutely nuts. what a game this was. early on, the ravens fans thought they had it in the bag. became more explosive than they expected after the power outage. in the worth quarter, it turned their way once again and the second this game ended everybody ran out here on the south charles street and started going nuts. it has been that way ever since. the tv trucks are climbing on top of the tv trucks right there. we do not have a tv truck here. as you can see it is absolutely not here in baltimore. i will have to throw it back to you. this is what it looks like. [laughter] >> may him for the first time -- mayhem for the first time
aftee the ravens parade. parade. kkith daniels is live where cameras caught the crime on keith? 3 3 3 3 federal authorities need yourr helppnn finding two men who stole a dozzns firearms in fred. happened here at glade valley sportingggoods on north markettstreet.police say on january 27th.... two men broke into theestore and stole revolvvrs and one short barreled rifle. the atf is offfring a -thousand dollar an update to a story eefirstt told you abouu yesterdaa... police in frederick make an arrest in this jewelry store pobbery that happened tuesday in downtown frederick.pollce stopped alonzo meadows of faarfax in the same vehicle he was allegedly using s the ggttway car in the eeelry &pstore heisttauthorities are still looking for te other still lowo suspects seen in thi surveillance video. in annapolis...the longest servingmember offmaryland's &pgeneralassemblyy..was remembe. rememberrd.a viewing for baltimore city deleggaehattii &pharrison was held at st. annes parish ...just ooe block from ttestate house.harrison...who served east baltimorefor &p40-years....died
will move to fourth place in the world golf rankings. >>> ravens wide receiver anquan boldin said that he will retire if he is released. the 32-year-old has one year left and is due 6 million next season. money will be tight with six starters becoming unrestricted free agents including quarterback joe flacco and safety ed reed. boldin who has played three seasons for the ravens caught six passes in baltimore's super bowl victory over the 49ers. >>> coming up, a side to robert griffin iii that you may not see too often. sports extra continues after this. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >>> welcome back. robert griffin iii is well o
. 127-13 victory. baltimore is improved to 19 and five. exactly one week ago, the ravens were basking in the glow of a super bowl victory. jim nantz were certainly adequate on the call from cbs. it nowhere near matched the passion of our broadcasting. how about a little super bowl sideline soundtracks? > >> baltimore ravens. >> ♪lause]righ like exploder on the stadium. we are underway in super bowl 47. down the middle. hot. folded. touchdown. and the ravens strike first in super bowl 47. randy walker in motion. back in the 18 yard line. the ravens defense a huge stand in the red zone. running out of room. have to heave the ball downfield. it is caught by and swann. -- antwon. rose and dove -- touchdown, ravens. dennis on the receiving end. it's the snap. throwing deep. jones makes the catch. one tackle. rogerson, touchdown, ravens. jacob the jones has struck again. jones, eight aristide brings it out of the end zone. -- eight yards the rings it out of the end zone. he will go all the way. jones. 108 yard. jermaine lewis at the time, two. >> we are in the dark, literally. one bank of
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